Liquid Gold Prosecco Wine Brands In Kenya

Buy Liquid Gold wine brands in Kenya at the best prosecco prices. Beside sparkling wines, we stock all types of wines in Kenya and offer wine delivery in NairobiLIQUID GOLD Liquid gold is an elegant brand from Italy. It is classified as a wine and belongs to the sparkling wine sub-category. This wine brand comes in 750ml bottle at an alcohol volume of 11%. Other wines in this family include prosecco sparkling wine, canti prosecco, cavatina rose prosecco, cavatina moscato prosecco, bacio della luna prosecco, pederiva prosecco, Cinzano prosecco, sensi prosecco, liquid gold prosecco, Zonnin prosecco extra brut, Zonnin prosecco cuvee brut, prosecco blu, prosecco Astoria treviso, Astoria corderie prosecco. Liquid gold is a sparkling white wine with the depth and complexity of flavor that's often associated with champagne. This brand is bottled in an enclosed striking metallic bottle. The botanical used to produce this wine make it unique with a fruity and aromatic bouquet. Initially, this elegant wine was made for the international luxury and fashion markets which embraces nothing but the best. Its fine dry taste and aroma makes it a perfect serve as an aperitif. Liquid Gold is among the fastest growing wine brand internationally and in Kenya, it is one of the most demanded wines and also one of the best wines for ladies as indicated by purchase patterns. It was rated and included in the top 100 Wine Brands during the wine ratings competition. Liquid Gold provides an easy-drinking, and flavourful wine range which are fresh and naturally sweet. Liquid Gold wines are one of the most affordable and famous wines in the from Italy. Inspired by a passion for friendship and sharing, Liquid Gold wine brands are to be shared and enjoyed by everyone. All the products in this brand are fresh, naturally sweet, burst with fruity flavors, and compliments with a variety of dishes. When it's time to get together, wherever there are good times, it's time to open Liquid gold wine. When Liquid Gold wines were launched, the winery was determined to break from tradition and focus on consumers who are new to wine and desire quality wine. It is engaging with the next generation of wine drinkers who want delicious wines at an affordable price. It connects to the youthful, urban consumer who prioritizes friends and fun and aspires for quality wine. Liquid Gold simplified wine enjoyment by going back to the basics of wine. It offers fewer variants of wine brands to choose from, eye-catching pack sizes for everyone enjoyment and quality wines that continue to surprise and delight consumers. Gradually the company is achieving its goal as its white brand has made its way to the best white wine brands in the world. Highlighted below is the Liquid Gold brand with its cost in Kenya. Liquid Gold prosecco 750ml @ Ksh3,500 Visit Nairobi Drinks and enjoy a free and efficient delivery with the most friendly prices in Kenya. Order today via the shopping cart, sms, call and WhatsApp on 0714-798-820.

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