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dom perignon brut-liquorspring
brut champagne | 12%
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Alcohol delivery near me? Yes! Liquor Spring is your answer and it’s always near you! Liquor spring is an online liquor store that offers home alcohol delivery services to its customers in Nairobi and its environments on a 24-hour basis. We provide our clients with a wide collection of wines and spirits from all over the globe and delivers to your doorstep in minutes. We have proven to be one of the best and fast-growing stores supplying the best drinks one could ever wish for. Our customers can buy from a single bottle to large orders for a party, event and even alcohol for a cocktail. You only need to place your order and we do the rest. This makes us one of the best stores for all alcohol clients who wish to order liquor online. Have you been having a hard time laying your hands on your favourite bottle at any hour of the day without straining over it? Liquor Spring got you covered, so sit back, relax and let us bring it to you.


What makes Liquor Spring different and unique?

Here are the 11 reasons why trusting Liquor Springs to quench down your thirst is the best choice and why we remain one of the best online alcohol stores in Nairobi.


  1. Fastest and secure delivery services: Liquor Spring takes minutes to quench your thirst. We boast of a well-established delivery system that ensures our customers get their drink while their thirst still lasts. The drink shall be delivered provided you give us the right directions and location of your preference. The products are always in the safe hands of our dutiful service providers so spare yourself the risk of your order getting into the wrong hands.

  2. Quality and safe drinks: Our online liquor store assures our customers of safe and high-quality drinks from licensed distributors. Our drinks duly meet the health standards and are regulated by East Africa Breweries Limited and Kenya Bureau Of Standards so our clients are completely assured of 100% safe products.

  3. Wide collection of drinks: At Liquor Spring, you are assured to get the exact bottle of your request as we provide a wide range of types of alcohol in Kenya and all over the world. We offer local and exotic brands giving our clients the pleasure of choosing from a wide range of drinks.

  4. Easy order: Liquor spring makes it very easy and convenient for its customers to order drinks online in Nairobi and its environments, we are easily accessible through social media platforms that make it easy for customers to make their orders. You can order our products via our official website, SMS, WhatsApp or directly call us via the provided contacts one beep is all you need for we are always one call away.

  5. Best and affordable prices in the market ever: We have the most pocket-friendly alcoholic products in the market. Liquor Spring offers delivery drinks at the lowest prices without any extra delivery charges so feel free to connect with us for the best and most affordable wines and spirits in Nairobi and all the surrounding close areas.

  6. Free delivery services: Unlike other delivery services in Kenya, we relieve our esteemed clients of the transportation burden! We shorten the distance and bring your stuff right to your lips! You won’t need to spend a coin in payment for our delivery services, our online drinks delivery system incurs the charges for you. All you pay for is your drink and that’s it!

  7. Wide client reach: Liquor Spring has been and still provide alcoholic drinks in Kenya for a large number of alcohol clients in Nairobi and close areas and guess what? Our pots never run empty. Our reliable stock and staff are always enough to serve our vast number of customers within the city and its surroundings at any moment.

  8. 24-hour alcohol delivery: The party never stops with Liquor Spring! Our online alcohol store is dedicated to serving our clients the best booze all round the clock, we keep the pot boiling. Place your order at your own time and place and we shall never fail you, we deliver per our client’s requests

  9. Stylish and unique packaging: All our products are carefully and tastefully packaged for gifts, office and home deliveries to ensure they reach our clients properly and attractively.

  10. Experts in the field: Liquor Spring has been in operation for quite some time now and currently boasts of a well-qualified staff who fully possess the right knowledge, skills and experience in the booze industry. Are you holding a party, a family or friends even and t you are not sure of what exactly to serve? We got your back, give us a call or a text and let us help you keep the party raving. We shall have it done for you.

  11. No minimum orders: Liquor Spring keeps the glasses filled, we never run short of booze and our drinks are never limited. Need a whole full pot? Your answer is right here with you. Request for as much as you wish and you shall have it.


Liquor spring offers the best solution for your online alcohol delivery requests serving you within the shortest period possible and at the most affordable prices. Our doors, contacts and services are ever open on a 24-hour basis for our customers. Feel free to dial us up any time of the day for a drink and share our experience. Follow us on social media using the links below for more information.

Struggle no more, Liquor Springs got you, anytime, anywhere.

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